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300 Click for offerIf you're trying to pinpoint which appliance is causing flickering, start by powering each load on at the circuit breaker. Buzzing could also occur in this instance, so listen to each circuit as it is powered on.  Political opponents are given little airtime and critics of the government have often been accused of supporting terrorism.

The comments set off an intense backlash in South Florida, which has a significant Jewish population and has among the highest concentrations of Holocaust survivors in the world. Thousands signed an online petition calling for Mr. Latson’s resignation, and on Monday, the Palm Beach County school district announced that he would be stripped of his position as principal and reassigned to another job in the district. Overseeing British Special Intelligence Service operations in Spain and Portugal during much of the war was H. A. R. “Kim” Philby. He was underwhelmed by Hillgarth, whom he considered grandiose. Philby, as we now know, was secretly working for the Russians. What I did not know was that Fleming may have created James Bond in reaction to Philby and his co-conspirators, as if to cast a better, more glamorous light on British intelligence. In 1951, Philby tipped off two other British traitors, Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean, that the jig was up, and they defected to Moscow. In the following year, Fleming began writing his first Bond novel, “Casino Royale,” at the Jamaican house he named “Goldeneye.” This had been the code name for his main operation in Spain, which was a plan to leave saboteurs behind if the Germans occupied that country. The name of Fleming’s suave, sexually athletic hero was borrowed from the name of the author of “Birds of the West Indies.” That may seem odd, until one remembers that “birds” was English slang for young women.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEMr. Maduro’s popularity in Venezuela has plummeted as basic services and institutions buckle under the strain of economic collapse. Food, medicine and fuel have grown increasingly scarce. Mr. Schroepfer and Mr. Zuckerberg wanted to push Facebook into that contest, seeing the rapidly improving technology as something the company needed to jump on. A.I. could help the social network recognize faces in photos and videos posted to its site, Mr. Schroepfer said, and could aid it in better targeting ads, organizing its News Feed and translating between languages. A.I. could also be applied to deliver digital widgets like “chatbots,” which are conversational systems that let businesses interact with customers.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYThe name that was unveiled was Carlos Ott, a relatively unknown Uruguayan-Canadian architect who didn’t have any major credits on his résumé. But Mitterrand moved forward with the project, committing to a behemoth that became the third-largest building in the city, after two other Grands Projets — the enormous Bibliothèque Nationale and the Ministry for the Economy and Finance. “Not bad,” Nick Corasaniti, a Times reporter, said. “It’s low-alcohol. I can have a bunch of them, but still — ” he trailed off, as if to say quantity does not equal quality.

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• “When economists talk about a recession in housing, they largely refer to construction, not home prices,” and “construction is bordering on moribund.” Late last year, he proposed an independent commission to handle difficult content moderation decisions by social media platforms. It would afford an independent check, Mark argued, on Facebook’s decisions, and users could appeal to it if they disagreed. But its decisions would not have the force of law, since companies would voluntarily participate.

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Revolutions, likewise, are seen as stirring, even romantic, with the people uniting to demand change with one voice, until the leader has no choice but to resign in disgrace. What we’re seeing now are the consequences of the same squalid indifference applied to points further south.

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The announcement comes less than a month after Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled a broad initiative to reduce his company's carbon footprint and Google announced 18 new solar and wind energy deals across the US, Chile and Europe. The efforts marked the government’s first steps toward addressing a crisis that has engulfed the city’s yellow cab industry. They came a day after The New York Times published a two-part investigation revealing that a handful of taxi industry leaders artificially inflated the price of a medallion — the coveted permit that allows a driver to own and operate a cab — and made hundreds of millions of dollars by issuing reckless loans to low-income buyers.

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On Sunday, protesters carried the coffin of one dead demonstrator across Rasheed Street to the adjacent Ahrar Bridge. Protesters are occupying part of three strategic bridges - Jumhuriya, Ahrar and Sinar - in a standoff with security forces. What does a cancellation look like? Mr. Charles is learning.

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