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300 Click for offerUkrainian soldiers here at the front line were jolted by the suspension, too. While the aid was restored in time to prevent any military setbacks, it took a heavy psychological toll, they said, striking at their confidence that their backers in Washington stood solidly behind their fight to keep Russia at bay. That same day, the publisher released a statement saying that the president had misrepresented their exchange. He called Mr. Trump’s attacks on journalism “dangerous and harmful to our country.”

“We are working night and day to deliver a future of limitless opportunities for our nation’s Hispanic-American citizens,” he said, “including millions and millions of extraordinary Mexican-Americans who enrich our society, and strengthen our country, serve in our military, and contribute immensely to other shared American family.” Still, folks tried to fight back and marched through the streets to Gov. Carey’s New York office. A sign posted in a Harlem Numbers parlor asked, “Does Gov. Carey knows How Many People Are Working In the Numbers Industry. He is Sending Our Families Back to Welfare. We don’t Want Welfare. We Want Our Jobs.”


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe Philharmonic players did regroup for a calamitous finale; each strike of the hammer was a heart-stopping jolt. When the third blow lands — and yes, there were three on Thursday — the symphony takes a woeful turn. You could read this as a hero’s tragedy, or as a metaphor for Mahler’s life. But don’t for a moment see it as representative of Ms. Young’s conducting, which, against the odds, was valiant to the end. “I was so terrified,” he said, “I ran out of the restaurant and left behind all the money.”

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYModel X Standard Range And like the weather, perfectly predicting where the pole will move is downright impossible. But scientists can get close with a wealth of data collected from satellite and ground-based observatories. That data allows them to deduce how the magnetic field has changed over the past several years and to extrapolate into the future with a model that will — hopefully — remain accurate for the next five years.

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Like chic ghosts in matching tops and pleated skirts by Yae-pon, they curl around the edges of the screens and sit in front of them to stare back at themselves. Or, at least, at their likenesses. It’s sort of charming — at least for a minute or so. I fear I may have left something out between the airport chowder and the house on Main Street. It doesn’t help that I too am at a loss to explain just how I got here. I feel like one of those cartoon figures — Wile E. Coyote perhaps — who sees the bridge he’s crossing being erased behind him.

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AKIKO KITAMURA at Japan Society (March 22-23, 7:30 p.m.). This Japanese choreographer presents “Cross Transit,” a multimedia dance work created in collaboration with the Cambodian visual artist Kim Hak, who contributes video, photos and narration. The piece looks at how Cambodia’s past can be preserved through the body. In this dance for six — the performers are from Cambodia and Japan — Kitamura incorporates contemporary dance, street-dance-inspired choreography and traditional martial arts to probe the future of Asia. 212-715-1258, japansociety.org “These emergency evacuation plans have been in existence since the Cold War, but have now been repurposed in the event of civil disorder following a no-deal Brexit,” the British newspaper quoted an unidentified Cabinet Office official as saying.

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“If they don’t decide to govern in favor of the majority, the discontent will continue accumulating,” student leader José Cárdenas said. Along with the commission’s announcement on new enforcement guidelines, it said that in the span of just the past few months it had received many complaints of discrimination based on hairstyle. It is currently investigating seven cases, one involving someone who was fired from her job simply for wearing her natural hair down.

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“The Apollo for me has always represented truth,” says the actress Angela Bassett. “When a performer would walk upon that stage, you had to bring all of you — all of your spirit, all of your soul, all of your God-given talent, all of your authenticity.” KATHRYN SHATTUCK Mr. al-Araibi traveled to Thailand last year for a honeymoon and was detained with his wife. She was released, but Mr. al-Araibi remained in detention as Bahrain pursued his extradition.

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