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As word spread in Hollywood this week that Mr. Lasseter was close to finding new employment, several influential women involved with the #MeToo movement noted that he expressed no regret for his behavior or discussed making efforts to reform when he left Disney in June. In a statement at the time, he said he had made his own decision to “begin focusing on new creative challenges.” While many Republican lawmakers, lobbyists and operatives are still as privately contemptuous of Mr. Trump as they were when he effectively staged a hostile takeover of the party in 2016, they mute their criticism today. They are silent because they want to be re-elected, because they want to retain clients and access or because they are scared of making their states targets of Mr. Trump’s anger if they dare to speak out against him.

Some people are nauseated by virtual reality, disoriented by how it tricks your brain into experiencing realistic 3D on a screen. Magic Leap claims its experience will seem more natural, and will result in fewer problems like headaches and feeling sick. MARY HALVORSON AND JOHN DIETERICH at Roulette (Oct. 28, 8 p.m.). The jaggy, pent-up energy in Deerhoof’s caustic art rock owes a lot to Dieterich’s guitar playing. And his squirming style has a lot in common with that of Halvorson, the improvising guitarist (and all-purpose sound exploder) who was recently named a 2019 MacArthur fellow. At this show the pair will celebrate the release of their first duet album, “A Tangle of Stars,” laden with worried atmospheres, sour-toned touches and snarled lines.917-267-0368,

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For years, Layla’s love for her mother, plus her stepfather’s support, helped contain the anxiety wrought by the disorder of her home life, and Ms. Bradshaw marveled at the girl’s inner strength and her ability to focus on the field. Musical collaboration between black and Latino artists is not uncommon. But racial tension in South Central Los Angeles, especially in the early 1990s, was fraught between these demographic groups, both caught in a system of limited access to economic and social resources.

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